Hey, we are scent happiness!

We are the founders of Duftglück: Laura and Christian. We love animals and with our dog Oscar and our two cats Amy and Leo there is always something going on at home.

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Hey, we are scent happiness!

Nice that you're here!

As pet owners, we are also familiar with the well-known odor problem. Whether it's a freshly visited cat litter box, a walk in the rain and the smell of your four-legged friend in the car or at home, through to illness or behavior-related incidents. When our furry friend and soul cat Lilly became ill, we looked for a suitable solution and we realized that we weren't really happy with any product. While one didn't neutralize odors effectively enough, the other smelled strongly of artificial perfume or even chlorine. So we set ourselves a goal: Let's create a solution that we would like to have!

Our natural odor neutralizer is not only safe for humans and animals, but is also cruelty-free, 100% vegan and is also made in Germany.

Since we have been supporting animal protection privately for many years, we would also like to help make the world a better place for four-legged friends with scent happiness. That's why we will have regular fundraising campaigns that you can follow and support with your order.

... because even the greatest happiness begins with a small step.